sexta-feira, 26 de julho de 2013

The Liver

  • Hard Time Knowing Oneself
  • Dependency on the Mother and on the Past
  • Bad Memories
  • Tendency Toward Pessimism, Fear of the Future
  • Lack of Self-Esteem
  • A Prisioner of Routine
  • Bad Moods and III-being
  • Lack of Fighting Spirit
  • Absence of or Decrease in Creativity
  • A Feeling of Insecurity
  • Fits of Anger
  • Little Phobias
  • Depression

Physical Care

Steam baths and saunas help eliminate toxins via urine and sweat. Be knowledgeable and cautious about medication you ingest; many medicines are toxic for the liver. The liver becomes exhausted from having to eliminate excess toxins and can no longer properly digest heavy foods.

Nutricional Care

Be particularly careful if you are over weight. Chew: The simple act of slowly chewing carbohydrates and protein helps us digest them, making digestion less taxing for the body. Refrain from, or enjoy moderately, all fried foods. Be sparing, with cheese, fatty meats, pastry, chocolate, and cooked cream. Don't overdo alcohol. Drink adequate water, preferable lukewarm (add a couple of drops of lemon to the water or drink green tea). Watch out for sulfites, common sulfur-based preservatives in food and drink that can cause headaches and sinus irritations. The best fruits include mango, berries, papaya, guava, white peaches, and fresh pineapple. The best vegetables include bitter greens such as endive, escarole, dandelion greens, lamb's lettuce, artichokes, red and black radishes, and fennel. Farm egg yokes and organic buttermilk are good suplements. Also eat things that are slightly sour.

Psychological Care

Keep up a positive self-image, in order to acquire inner strength and radiance. Reconnect with the power of evaluating and choosing your life in full conscience and freedom, assisted by your own thoughtful reflection and the advice of trusted people. Remember your best life experiences and extract your qualities and aptitudes (natural inclinations) from them. Recall happy events, good decisions you made, particularly enjoyable holidays, positive people who like you, successes you achieved at work, pleasant physical sansations (sunbathing, swimming in the sea, splorts, etc.). All that will help you regain or maintain your self-confidence. Cholesterol is made in the liver - avoid stressful situations, because stress can be an aggravating factor that raises our level of bad cholesterol (LDL).